Detroit, Michigan, anno 2018. Phase_1 or Phaseone is a new digital technology led design and brand management studio based in the heart of creative Detroit.  Phase_1 nurtures ideas into existence. Basically this means that they design and build applications to enhance ideas in the creative/digital sphere.

Their first project Fanic Music, which recently pivoted into OPNR, grew from the idea to bring upcoming musicians and bands closer to the people that create events and concerts. Musicians need live concerts to survive and to grow. Live events are still the number one bread and butter for so many musicians out there. OPNR will launch in June 2018 and will strive to grow user memberships both on the side of the musicians as on the side of the concert organizers.

A second project is a freight app called Tahmeel, which is the Arabic word for load. Like Convoy and Uber Freight, Tahmeel is trying to disrupt the logistics industry by automating certain tasks for drivers, shippers and fleet owners. In July 2018 Tahmeel will release an iOS and Android app for each one of these stakeholders together with a web app.