Early 2016 Baptista/Vercaeren – a coaching, consulting and communication firm from Corseaux (Switzerland) – required a corporate identity that could transmit their core business ideas. Their mission statement was focused on the following intriguing points: they are active in leadership coaching, communication consulting, organizational change, and most importantly they organize training and workshops with a specific focus on design thinking — in fact their whole ideology is based on design thinking. Three steps: innovate, prototype and create. With this short brief I immediately thought of a dynamic logo that could change every time you see or use it. Something that sprouts from a creative act and has possibility to alter, grow or adapt. An organic process of conversion or rotation of a certain amount of visual elements around a well defined, geometric center. Of course I promptly left my computer to start making stamps with ink and vegetables.



A circle with 12 or 24 connecting corners was the basic structure of the logo. We then created triangles in different sizes within these corners and furthermore had 24 possible positions for the smaller circles. By changing the positions on the connecting corners we could then, each time, create a different figure with the same set of elements.

As the design theory of Baptista/Vercaeren has three main elements – connect, create and change – we took this number as a starting point to choose the amount of triangles and circles. So 3 different sizes/positions for the triangles and 3 different positions for the circles.

Removing the circular guides resulted in ‘dynamic’ figures that seem to be in constant change or movement.  By choosing another sized triangle to be filled with the graphic background, we created a different sort of feeling or composition, without loosing the connection between the different shapes.