I was recently asked by Belgian guitarist Teuk Henri if I still had the original files of the CD cover we designed together back in 1996.

The record label decided to rerelease the album but this time on vinyl only. I still remember that day in 1996 when Teuk showed up at my door with a folder of his original artwork, drawings and experimental tryouts, old newspaper clippings, and an impressive collection of the most bizarre images from different sources. We spent the day scanning images with a flatbed scanner in the highest resolution possible and uploaded the files onto a Mac to create the layout of the CD and jewel case.

I searched my old backup CDs and found a listing of the files in question, unfortunately, the CD data, corrupted after sitting in a box for 25 years, was no longer usable. So we needed to find an alternative solution.
We rescanned the original CD artwork and recreated the layout but this time in LP size.

First time released on vinyl

Recorded in late 1996 and released in early 1997, this first album from the power Brussels-based trio Rawfrücht, defies and questions the definition of genres, eras, and musical movements. Ranging from minimal meditative dronish soundscapes, perfect for introspective journeys, to more ‘groovy’ moments, from noise rock to free rock-but-not-postrock unstable patterns – sometimes even within a single track – this album is a ride on undefined roads, no maps allowed, just instinct and the energy to always go further and deeper into charting new sonic territories. After the release of this first untitled album, names like those of Marc RibotSonic Youth, or King Crimson were frequently associated with it. But this doesn’t really define what this album, released for the first time on LP, really is about. Two guitars and drums. Swell Maps meet Parliament, shades of Hendrix. Can-erisms catching up with the ramblings of Gastr Del Sol. Secret & reserved side in the best tradition of the Chicago School: Tortoise, Rome, etc. Rawfrücht was: Hugues Warin and Teuk Henri (SharkoJuniper Boots) on guitars and Thomas Van Cottom (CabaneVenus) on drums.

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