Fountair’s solution provides a sustainable energy and drinking water source that is available anywhere, at any time. Fresh potable water has become a limited and scarce natural resource. In many situations, out of necessity or by choice, the production of water from the atmosphere may be the only possible way to find drinking water.

We developed an autonomous, clean & sustainable unit to produce drinking water everywhere in the world, at any time. 

We may not have realized it before, but electrical power, now available for residential use through various off-grid systems, permits the running of other off-grid processes or systems. The availability of the produced electricity makes us free to decide whether we want to use/acquire other services, or other products that run off-grid. The solution is simultaneously a hybrid power source that produces clean, sustainable energy (Availability=1).

The solution uses Active Water Condensing Devices, with which it is possible to guarantee a reliable supply of abundant and relatively constant water, subject to sufficient hygrometry and ideal air temperature.

The extracted water has been tested by independent water experts and consultancies and is classified as ‘good quality water, suitable for human consumption’. The water is not mineralized however minerals can be added to the water post-filtration, either by your plant engineers or by our process.


If you are interested in such a partnership. Please fill out the contact form on and someone at Fountair will get back to you with more information.

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