When I first heard the track Not Your Kids I immediately found myself dreaming away to a hazy state of introspection. The track is a swelling improvisational construct of guitars, drum machine and electronics that reminds you of  an endless, vast horizon somewhere in a remote location. I’m standing there slightly wondering why, but I feel comfortable and I want it to go on and on.


“Things Our Bodies Used to Have”, documents a 36 minute session of structured improvisation, presented without overdubs, that sends the band’s dense multi-instrumental performances spiraling off into new trajectories through the noise, drone, and free music disciplines. Vocalist/synthesist Natalie Chami traces a complementary path to her solo work under the TALsounds moniker, building layers of choral loops in real time through effects pedal manipulation. Doug Kaplan and Maxwell Allison, who explore strange corners of the experimental underground as heads of the label Hausu Mountain, lock into a state of symbiosis with Chami and each other as they pour guitar, drum machine, and electronics into swelling arcs of textural detail. Good Willsmith piece together a uniquely hybridized vision of extreme music just as capable of confounding on a moment-to-moment scale as when taken in as a seamless whole. To listen to their sinuous live explorations is to follow the path of their seemingly telepathic communication from person to person, gesture by gesture, as they shift through discrete atmospheres and instrumental configurations in a mutual pursuit of overwhelming self-expression.

From Umor Records 

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