While visiting Edinburgh a few years ago, we took the opportunity to check out the Peter Doig exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery.

It was Doig’s first major exhibition in his home country and entitled “No Foreign Lands”, taking place in Edinburgh, from 3 August to 3 November 2013. It was critically acclaimed and showed works created in the past ten years, mostly during his residence in Trinidad.

His stay on the island of Trinidad changed his pallet, he started using less dark and more amazing hues and bright colors. He works mostly from photographs and recollection, sort of a collage style, and gets a lot of his inspiration directly from representations of Munch, Daumier and most notably from another island dweller Gauguin.


Music of the Future (2002-2007)


Paul Gauguin Mahan No Atua (1894)


Paragon (2006)
Paragon (2006)

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