Somewhere in the year 2002, on a dark, cold winter day in the Saint Gilles district of Brussels, I received a phone call from the manager of the Belgian progressive jazz band Octurn. They asked me if I was interested in designing their new website.

Octurn is a Belgian polyrhythmic jazz ensemble led by Bo Van Der Werf (baritone saxophone and clarinet). Its lineup as well as the composers change for every album. They always play with at least 3 saxophones and from 2002 they have been playing with two basses and two drummers.

Seeing Octurn live in concert is an experience. A trance-like one where the, often exotic, rhythms dazzle you and the play of Bo Van Der Werf’s sax guides you through different atmospheres, like a trip.


The obvious choice of web technology was, again, of course, Flash. Implementing audio players and rich media was so easy and straightforward that thinking of doing the same thing in HTML was just impossible back in 2003, unless you had access to a creative master developer.


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