Muhimma means ‘task’ in Arabic. This refers to the small tasks that the app provides for its users. This is the gig economy and user tasks like surveys and easy on-site investigations can be used to build up a valuable portfolio of data. This data can, digitally packaged and vetted by artificial or cognitive intelligent tools like Watson, be offered to certain brands that are looking for hands-on user-centric marketing solutions.

The idea was to use a bee as emblem or mascot for the brand. A swarm of busy bees working and collecting data and bringing it back to the hive came to mind of course.

This app was mainly targeted to Dubai and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It basically targets the consumers or users on one side with tasks that bring you a reward, and a more B2B approach that provides data insights to companies on the other side.

We designed the brand in English and Arabic, defined a primary and secondary color palette for the website and the iOS and Android apps.





First prototype – Muhimma website

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