During one of the Berlin School residencies we had Andy Sandoz as guest speaker. A public talk at Scholz & Friends in Berlin Mitte was followed by a more intimate workshop the day after. London based Sandoz is currently Founder, Creative Partner and Innovation Director @ Work Club and truly embraced the digital world.  It was interesting to hear his career story. Originally started as a (manual) advertising illustrator, then moved to digital and is now seen as one of the main technologists of the future of advertising.

He spoke of digital culture in stead of digital media, the latter being too limited. It’s all around us and is changing everything we do. It was also interesting to hear his insights on the hiring and managing of talent: “to hire diversity not replication” or “when you are mentoring someone, don’t do it for them, but push them to do it themselves”; and on the importance of decision making in the creative business.

I agree on what he said about innovation. The real innovation always seems to come from a technology perspective. First you have the technology and only then we find ways to use this technology and after that this process of adoption creates more alternative ways to use it in a more effective or faster way or eventually pushes for new and better technology. 



The stuff that inspires – Learning

Andy Sandoz’s Lecture and Workshop were part of the January ’16 module of the EMBA program at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. This is my personal view on what he talked about that day.