Tahmeel is a free app that connects and facilitates the daily work done by freight drivers and shippers. The on demand system makes it really easy for a driver to just tap a button and instantly book the loads he wants to haul. And, thanks to upfront pricing the user always knows how much he will get paid.

The logo came about by combining the side view of a steering wheel and the capital letter T.

We also worked on the design of the following set of applications (soon in 7 languages: English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Hindi, Russian, and Turkish):

  1. iOS Driver App (has a version for fleet owners) released in August 2018
  2. Android Driver App (has a version for fleet owners)
  3. iOS Shipper App
  4. Android Shipper App
  5. Shipper Web App – https://shipper.tahmeelapp.com/sign-in
  6. Fleet owner Web App



The load board is one of the main features of Tahmeel. Every time a shipper creates a load, new loads will appear on the ‘Market’ load board in real time. These loads are visible by everyone. 

When a fleet owner creates internal loads, the new loads will show up on the ‘Internal’ load board and are only visible by the drivers of that fleet. 

Each load card shows pickup and drop off location, date and time and the distance to the pick up and drop off destinations are calculated based on the driver’s location. The availability of remaining trips within the load package is indicated in the green or red box. 

Only ‘Market’ loads have a price attached to them. 


One of the main features for the fleet owner/team member is the ability to create ‘internal’ loads for his fleet. By creating a load you will eliminate common mistakes made, that will allow your company to become more efficient. Saving on fuel costs, tires, parts and allowing your trucks to increase productivity. Maximizing your profits! 



As a fleet owner you can monitor the history of each driver and gather their job stats 

In the job history screen you will be able to check each driver’s history and you will be able to see how they performed. 

An average rating amount is calculated after the completion of each trip. You can also follow how many trips and how far they have travelled in total. 

Your drivers will also be able to monitor their productivity through their device. which will allow them to understand how to become more efficient and better themselves!

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