Street to Stage was a regional digital music competition for unheard, unsigned, and undiscovered original musicians organized and hosted by Rolling Stone Magazine Middle East. The Street To Stage program was a unique opportunity for creative, aspiring musicians in the Middle East the chance to gain invaluable experience, fantastic exposure, and prizes.

The main idea was a ‘Battle of the Bands’ kind of concept, but here most of the engagement and the voting happened online.

STS08The recruitment was mainly done on Social Media channels like Facebook, with a data capturing microsite to register and enter the pre-selections. All the further engagement between RollingStone and the artists happened online. The registered artists were able to create their own profiles and audio files, pictures, and videos were uploaded and rated through the same microsite.

STS09The style of the campaign was heavily influenced by street art and the old way of using posters to promote bands and concerts. There was also an element of collage where we had to work with the photographs the artists had sent us. All these pictures had different resolutions and color palettes so bringing them together was challenging.









This project was designed and completed during my tenure as Head of Creative at HGW Media – © 2012 HGW Media

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