Approached by Linux Belgium I created an identity for their new cloud-based upgrade tool (UaaS). Imagine upgrading your RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 servers with 1 command to RHEL 8 or Rocky Linux 8, in 25 minutes. No reinstallation is needed, all your data, all your software, and all your configurations are in place. 95% of your servers require no further action, just a validation of the running applications.

The Project was named project78 so I tried to create a bold (robust) logo where the 78 (7 to 8) creatively played a prominent role.

At that time I started experimenting with GenAI, more specifically with MidJourney. I believe it is a great tool to try out visual styles rapidly and see some direct results of what you want to achieve. Because the whole theme was about upgrading Linux and Red Hat servers I prompted something about the mass migration of penguins. The result would inspire the brand colors and visual style/illustration.

I also worked on the UI for the cloud version (Project78 Cloud) and the on-premise version (Project78 OnPrem) where people can manage, see, and track the upgrades of hundreds of servers. The cloud version is a single command cloud-based upgrade for RHEL7 or CentOS 7 to RHEL8 or Rocky 8 while preserving data and migrating applications.  With the OnPrem version, you can integrate your upgrade server into your local environment with full customization powers.

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