Building the Petroleum Institute Website

In 2007, I joined The Petroleum Institute (PI) as their new Webmaster. Established in 2001, the PI aimed to become a world-class institution in engineering education and research, particularly in areas critical to the oil, gas, and broader energy industries. The institute was backed by prominent sponsors and affiliates, including the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and four major international oil companies.

Upon my arrival, I found the website to be a disorganized collection of HTML pages, loosely assembled with content from various academic programs and institutional departments, lacking cohesive structure and design. My initial task was to overhaul this fragmented site, creating a well-organized, professional online presence that reflected the prestigious nature of the institute.

Leading the in-house design studio

While working on the website design and curating content alongside the PI Website Council, I observed that the PI logo, created long ago, was being used in various styles and formats across the institute. Recognizing the need for consistency, I took the initiative to design a definitive version of the logo and made it available on the website.

Previously, there had been minimal branding efforts, with most elements considered untouchable due to a lack of permission to make changes. Despite these constraints, I strived to bring consistency to the color palette and logo, simplifying and unifying the overall visual experience.

As word spread about the improvements, more requests began to pour in. I was soon asked to extend my efforts beyond the website. My projects expanded to include designing Faculty Handbooks, creating websites for the Library and the Gas Research Center, and crafting the overall look and feel for the annual commencement ceremonies.

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