Western luxury brands are facing challenges with the rise of new digital technology. They seem to have concerns when it comes to using the Internet. Some brands, like Burberry, are using it well and going pretty far with it too. Others are less successful.

Similar to the fact that luxury brands don’t really advertise on TV, they don’t feel at ease with the democratic character of the Internet (free for everyone), which seems at odds with the concept of exclusivity and luxury. The arrival of new technologies or social media platforms may make the brand look bad or cheap on faulty/geeky technology.

There are basically two target groups, the people who can afford it and the people who desire it. These two need a different approach of digital engagement.

To really show the quality of the product we could create sort of an interactive journey of temptation (illusion), exploring the history (legacy) or the quality of the material, design or style and craftsmanship, lifestyle associations with enough of mystique to lure them in. But would this work with less sophisticated consumers?

Our concerns went out to how we could make the customer experience so that the users feel close to the brand, without losing the idea of exclusivity?

The people who could afford it (the possible buyers) want to (and could be) be part of the exclusive world of the brand. They want to attend special events. They want insider access to VIPS behind the brand.

For the people who desire it (but can’t afford it) it would need to have aspirational value, something to admire, the dream, the mythology. The various digital formats and social media platforms could allow the brand to create a personal experience (online or on-ground) for both groups. The exclusivity character could be fortified by adding a personal (human) touch. We could show that something is made by hand through extra-ordinary craftsmanship is important for the brand. The availability of a personal helper to guide the user through the process of trying on and buying could be another way to increase the personal exclusive character.








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